Be Awesome At Camping: 15 Hacks & Tips

It’s still camping season! Here are some genius camping hacks you have to try:

1. Adding sage to your campfire or fire pit keeps mosquitoes and bugs away.

2. Keep extra duct tape for emergencies right on your water bottle.

3. Make toothpaste dots.

Spread them out on a plate, let them dry for 2–3 days, and then sprinkle baking soda over them. Once they dry, just pop them into a resealable plastic bag.

4. Your deodorant doubles as a mosquito bite itch queller.

5. Make a portable reading lamp!

Point a headlamp inwards to a gallon milk jug filled with water. Click here for our selection of headlamps!

6. Glue sandpaper to the top of your match holder.

Keeping your matches in a tupperware or stainless container will ensure they don’t get wet.

7. Use an acorn cap to loudly whistle for help if you’re lost in the woods.

Get instructions here.

8. Make a last-minute camping spoon with a knife and a plastic bottle.

9. Carry your seasoning in straws.

Just use a lighter to re-seal.

10. You can also keep seasonings, toppings, and condiments separate but organized in stackable pill containers.

11. A 16-ounce water bottle will hold 8–9 large eggs.

Pre-scrambling your eggs will save you the trouble of having to figure out a way of transporting them. It also eliminates the need for a separate bowl and whisk.

12. Keep your TP fresh and dry

Coffee cans are wonderful for keeping your “important papers” dry and ready for use under any outdoors weather condition.

13. Tin Foil Dinners

An ideal dinner if you don’t want to spend much time cooking, yet want to serve a meal that’s wholesome and satisfying. The best part? No dishes to wash up!

14. Easy DIY firestarters

Wad up your old dryer lint and stick it inside a toilet paper tube.

15. Line your pie iron with foil for easy clean up.

You can go from grilled cheese to apple pie pocket with practically no clean up.

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