About HTO

Hudson Trail Outfitters, Ltd. lives as an empire of outdoor enthusiasts, relentless in our pursuit to bring you, the customer, the newest, the latest, the most cutting edge gear and clothing in the outdoor retail market. We are individuals who are absolutely, 100%, no questions asked, dedicated to rendering POSITIVELY OUTRAGEOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE, to all people, at all times. Period!

We specialize in mountain-sport, run-sport, paddle-sport, tri-sport, snow-sport – we GUARANTEE everything that we sell, and we ONLY sell the best! We maintain that providing the most courteous, the most efficient, and the most dependable service mattered in 1971 when we first opened our doors in a little city outside Washington DC, and that same service matters today! We know it, we live by it and we refuse to compromise it.



2 thoughts on “About HTO

  1. I worked in the High Adventure Shop in Herman’s World of Sporting goods from 1976 to 1980, and while I got a nice employee discount on things in our shop, it couldn’t compare to the incredible variety of goods that were carried in the larger, specialty Fairfax Circle store in your original location there. Your expanded location on the other side of the circle was twice as good, and HTO was >always< my "go to" store for backpacking gear. So now it seems we relegated once again to the corporate experience of the big chains like Dicks (which is more like Herman's was), REI and Sports Authority. A real shame, since these people are rarely real outdoors folks. I'm really cryin' about this one. You will be sorely missed.

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